I am a Brazilian PhD student under Andrew Rambaut at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology , University of Edinburgh, UK. This site is an attempt at publicising some bits and pieces about my field of work: quantitative Biology. Biological processes (such as mutation, selection, development, infection, etc) are the product of complex interactions between hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dynamic entities. I use Mathematics and Statistics to try and make sense of the data people collect on these processes, hoping to help paint a more complete picture of Nature.

The posts here will most likely be about the main aspects of my own research such as Biostatistics, scientific computing, phylodynamics and host-parasite coevolution. But be advised: philosophical rants may appear!

Other than babbling about science, I like football (watching and playing), opera (watching and annoying others) and judo (watching and practising), in this particular order.


Luiz .

[Linkedin] [ResearchGate] [Academia]

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