I am a Lecturer at the School of Applied Mathematics (EMAp), Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV). This site will eventually be an attempt at publicising some bits and pieces about my field of work: quantitative Biology. Biological processes (such as mutation, selection, development, infection, etc) are the product of complex interactions between hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dynamic entities. I use Mathematics and Statistics to try and make sense of the data people collect on these processes, hoping to help paint a more complete picture of Nature.

The posts here will most likely be about the main aspects of my own research such as Biostatistics, scientific computing, statistical phylogenetics and, obviously, mathematical trivia. But be advised: philosophical rants may appear!

Other than babbling about science, I like football (watching and playing), opera (watching and annoying others) and judo (watching and practising), in this particular order. Oh, and I’m also a dad and a husband.


Luiz .

[Linkedin] [ResearchGate] [Academia]


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